Why Buy Bulk Mushroom Powder?

  • Buying in bulk is the best value by far. A single kilo purchase can last up to a year and can be about four times more cost effective!

  • Choose how you use; make tea, add to soups and sauces, blend into smoothies.  Bulk mushroom powder allows  

       you to get creative!  

  • The amount you take is easily adjusted according to your preference or need.

  • Easier to swallow for those who have a hard time with capsules.

  • Share with family and friends!

  • Less Waste

  • A 1/4 teaspoon a day is the suggested daily dose. Add to coffee, tea, smoothies, soups or sauces. 

Immune Defense 1kg (2.2 Lbs) Resealable Bag

Out of Stock

Endurance 1kg (2.2 Lbs) Resealable Bag


Memory 1 kg (2.2 Lbs.) Resealable Bag

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