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MycoFormulas Founder

Eric Cerecedes
seeks to connect and catalyze beneficial relationships that support a healthier future for his family, his community and the Earth. He recognizes mushrooms as an effective, non-toxic, affordable way support to human health. Eric believes that raising awareness about mushrooms can not only improve our health, but improve environmental protection of old growth forest, remediate damaged soil, increase drinkable water and nutrition for third world nations. Eric's belief that mushrooms can lead to personal resilience in times of change keeps his passion alive.
A Tribute To
Dale Standish Barnes

MycoFormulas will never forget the hard work and dedication you gave to make our company the success it is today.

Dale and Eric were great

friends and business partners for well over a decade. MycoFormulas owes him a debt of gratitude for the labor of love that he poured into this company.

Dale will always have an influence on

MycoFormulas' business practices as we strive to maintain his level of integrity, honesty and service to others.

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