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Energize your day and give your stamina a boost without

the caffeine crash, using MycoFormulas Endurance!

Endurance 90ct Capsules will be back soon! Until then, try our 50 gram pouch of bulk powder. For the most cost effective of purchase, our bulk powder is our 1 kilogram bag is by far the best. Enjoy over a year's worth of this potent blend for a small fraction of the cost of capsules! Blend into smoothies, yogurt, soups or sauces. You can get creative and choose how you use bulk powders. Order now!

Endurance Products

Sustained endurance, stamina without crash of an artificial stimulant!

Endurance features Cordyceps, a fungus that has traditional medicinal uses dating back more than 2,000 years.

It was discovered on the Himalayan Plateau by Tibetan farmers who observed livestock that had eaten the tiny fungus exhibited higher energy levels, higher reproduction rate and exceptionally good health.

MycoFormulas Endurance TM 

combines three potent mushrooms that may enhance intracellular energy exchange, increase oxygenation and naturally sustain endurance.

Endurance is formulated to support an active lifestyle, support cellular energy production, improve stamina and respiratory function, without relying on the temporary rush of an artificial stimulant. Cordyceps, the primary ingredient in MycoFormulas Endurance, has shown to increase oxygen utilization, and boost overall energy output.

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