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    These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any illness.     

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Thank you all for putting your experience in an email for us to share!



These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any illness. These statements have not yet been evaluated by the FDA.      

Three years ago my daughter suffered a double concussion. During rehab, she was told to try your mushroom memory capsules. Since I was beginning to have memory problems (I am 80+) she told me about MycoFormulas and I started using your product. Three years later, they are on my Christmas list for my girls to give me. They have truly helped me. I have ran out of them twice and really notice the difference. On a meet and greet with a new doctor, she made fun of my mushrooms for memory. I chose another doctor. That is how much I know they help me. If anyone is experiencing memory problems, I would suggest you try these and hopefully they will help you as much as they help me. 



I ordered all of the Lion's mane mushroom products from the various brands. This is by far the best brand and I have ordered 15+ bottles. Very helpful for my parents.



My horse Dusty had not been himself for quite a long time. I searched for an answer to his strange discomforts. I am a skilled equine body worker and this had me baffled. He had pain and muscle tension that seemed to move around. He had heat and tenderness over his liver and kidneys. He was very grumpy most of the time. He had fungal presentation on his skin. Finally, I realized he had a systemic fungal infection. Fungus is difficult to treat and the medications that are typically used are known to cause damage to the body. A friend directed me to Mycoformulas. Within 4-5 days, his mood lifted and he started to be the happy, goofy horse I knew. His hair had more shine to it. After about 15 days his skin lesions began to clear. I had tried nearly everything topical and herbal immune booster. I am so glad to have my boy happy and healthy again. 

-Kim and Dusty

My dog Jazzy had her six week check-up, & the surgeon says he's still impressed with her health, & healing. He had removed a lot of skin & tissue & went deep, so she has lots of layers of stitches.  Her coat has gotten shiny, & thicker...which was always coarse, & stiff before.













Since using Mycoformula's K-9 Adaptogen, Lucky looks great! Her ears are healthy. Her coat is shiny. Her disposition is upbeat. She feels and looks great!!! I tell everyone about your product, including my vet. I want them to consider it. Here is a pic of me & Lucky. Also, our newest companion, Rosie, is a 5 year old brown/tan Cocker. She is now on Mycoformulas, too. She has some ear issues I am treating and her bald patches are gone. Her ears had almost no hair on them. They are now long and silky!

-Kathleen & Lucky

1 Year Follow Up Celebration!

Jazzy has had blood work done .. & her surgeon found her cancer free one year after surgery... & her mushroom success !!She still acts like a puppy.. even though she is over 13 years old!!


    These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any illness.     

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