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About MycFormulas

Proudly grown in the U.S.A.

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MycoFormulas™ presents full-spectrum mushroom supplements, combining the most powerful mushrooms in three unique formulas. We are often asked “How are your mushrooms grown?” This is a highly specialized branch of the biotechnology industry called Sterile Tissue Culture. Top quality organic mushroom supplements all start with lab-growing of the raw materials. Each aspect of the growth cycle is controlled to ensure you receive the highest quality and most consistent mushroom supplement product available.

Full-spectrum cultivation harnesses the unique compounds produced by mushrooms through their entire life cycle. The industry standard simply collects the mycelium and can miss the values in the fruit bodies and secondary metabolites. Utilizing state of the art facilities and the most innovative production techniques, MycoFormulas™ supplements exceed the concentration of bioactive compounds of traditional extracts, often by a factor of two or more.

All MycoFormulas™ mushrooms are grown without dangerous chemicals or pesticides, are vegan, naturally gluten free, certified Kosher and offer 90 capsules per bottle—50% more than other leading brands at a comparable retail price point. Our products are provided to conscious consumers in glass bottles instead of plastic, and in vegetarian based capsules instead of (animal) gelatin. We print all of our marketing materials on recycled paper and avoid unnecessary cardboard packaging around the bottles.

MycoFormulas™ products are produced with the highest standards in the industry. All of our mushrooms are tested by third party laboratories to ensure efficacy and concentration of targeted active compounds, including beta-glucans. The compounds (are believed to) support our immune systems effective response against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. This ‘host-mediated’ response helps to intelligently fortify and support immunity, respiratory function, balance blood-sugar, a healthy inflammatory response and several other vital functions of the body.

MycoFormulas products are nutritional mushroom supplements that are100% certified organic, vegan and kosher. Our mushrooms are cultured and packaged in the USA. Innovative full-spectrum cultivation techniques harvest the mycelium, fruit bodies, primordia and extra-cellular compounds created during a mushroom’s entire life cycle, producing supplements that almost always exceed the concentration of bioactive compounds found in wild mushrooms or traditional extracts, often by a factor of two or more. MycoFormulas contain less than 5% residual substrate compared to the industry average of 60-80%. Based on best science, you can have confidence in knowing that MycoFormulas is an extremely potent full-spectrum organic mushroom supplement!

Why Choose Mycoformulas?
MycoFormulas offer the following qualities that set us apart from other mushroom-based products:

Marks of Quality:

  • Organic

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

  • Kosher

  • No Fillers or Flow Agents

Environmental Awareness:

  • Glass instead of plastic bottle

  • Use of Recycled Paper

  • Soy Based Inks

  • E-order and payment systems reduce paper waste

Compared to Other Brands:

  • No extra, unnecessary packaging.
    i.e. (glossy box around each bottle)

  • 50% more capsules than our competitors, same size bottle

  • Comparable retail price point

  • Mycoformulas products contain a much higher beta-glucan, polysaccharide content than industry standard.

Full Spectrum Cultivation:

  • Harvested mushrooms include every stage of the
    life cycle

  • Adjusts the environmental conditions

    • Mimic natural habitat

    • Allows the mushroom to fully express their therapeutic potential

  • Mycoformulas Immune combines the benefits of over 200 bio-active compounds that are believed to:

    • Support Immune system function

    • Support respiratory function

    • Reduce LDL cholesterol

    • Contain anti-viral qualities

    • Contain anti-tumor qualities

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