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Same Or Different Mushroom?

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Are Portobello, Cremini and Button Mushrooms The Same Species?

If you guessed yes, you are right! What many believe are three different mushrooms, are all the same species called, Agaricus bisporus. This mushroom has different stages of its life cycle and each one is edible. Button mushrooms, which are white, is the first stage of the fruiting body. Next, the brown Cremini or Baby bellas are the mid-life cycle. Portobello is the final stage of Agaricus bisporus and noticeably the largest of this mushroom! It is commonly found in meadows and grasslands across North America and Europe.

Uses Of Agaricus bisporus In Culinary Recipes

Agaricus bisporus is a popular edible mushroom with a meaty texture and a mild, nutty flavor. It is a perfect ingredient for many dishes. Here are a few of tips before you head to the kitchen:

1. The benefits of mushrooms is expressed and made bio-available when heated so keep this in mind when adding them to your favorite recipe.

2. Never boil or freeze mushrooms because this breaks down the nutrients that are inherent in these gems.

3. No need for washing because mushrooms have plenty of moisture, tending to get soft and soggy if they are submerged in water. Instead, brush them lightly or wipe with a paper towel to remove any unwanted debris. (Many mushrooms are cultivated indoors so if they are store bought you should be good to go.)

4. Remember that mushrooms are mainly water so if you sauté them, use olive oil (my go-to oil), cook on medium-high heat and don't over-crowd the pan so they don't end up mushy.

Sliced white button mushrooms are commonly used on pizzas, in soups and salads. Cremini mushrooms are often sauteed in butter to top steaks, added to gravy to top baked or mashed potatoes. Portobello mushrooms have gained in popularity as a substitute for hamburger patties and other protein entrees. They wonderful when brushed with olive oil, a dash of salt and grilled on the barbeque! Okay, you may be saying to yourself, "These ways of preparing mushrooms are nothing new." If you thought this, I'm sure you're not alone. Get creative! Try them in side dishes, as entrees or toppings. Feel free to share your recipes or uses in the comments below.

As conscientious healthy eating grows, people are looking for ways to use average ingredients to make meals with some flare. Mushrooms are a great substitute for meat and a wonderful addition to veggies in countless recipes. We say that mushrooms are the forgotten food group in the food pyramid.

Happy cooking!


Agaricus boletus has been broadly researched and found to have valuable nutrients from protein, fiber, amino acid to minerals, vitamins B and D. Some studies have suggested that Agaricus boletus may have beneficial effects on the immune system and could potentially be used to treat certain health conditions. Remember that the benefits of mushrooms is expressed and made bio-available when heated. Never boil or freeze them because extreme temperatures breakdown the potency of our fungi friends.

These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any illness.

These statements have not yet been evaluated by the FDA.

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